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Winkler County Airport

Wink TX

Winkler County Airport & Weather Station

Winkler County Airport serves and is owned by Winkler County. The airport has more than one runway. The longest is a paved runway extending 4,502 feet. The facility is at an elevation of 2,818 feet at a distance of about 3 miles from Wink.
Winkler County Airport is known both far and wide by weathermen and pilots of past and present. World War II Army men and present day Air Force Pilots use the airport for training because of the low level radio transmissions, weather reports and fuel stops. Local hospitals, other pilots and agencies use the station as a fueling station as well.

Built in 1927 as a communications station that was placed at strategic points along the nation's airways, the airport has served many uses. As aircraft passed over Wink, they were required to contact the station and in return they received control instructions and passed along messages that were needed. People in larger cities would listen to hear the weather report from Wink which usually has record highs.

The present airport was built in the early part of World War II as an auxiliary field for the Pyote Army Air Base which was the country's largest air base. Before the war the airport only had one dirt runway, but after the early war construction, it had many long runways and taxiways, which were used to train many Army air pilots.

The City of Wink leased the airport from The University of Texas on a 50-year lease in May of 1948, and it was transferred to Winker County in November, 1961. In 1963 the FAA wanted to relocate the Flight Service Station to Pecos; however, County Judge W.E. Cook and other county officials went to Dallas, Texas and put up a higher bid, and the flight service station remained in Wink. At this time the county passed a bond issue and received a government grant. This enabled Winkler County to repave the runways and build 10 T-Hangers, one large hanger and a brick building containing the Wink Flight Service Station, maintenance section and the airport managers office and lounge.


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